Acoustic Night at the Village Hall, Yaxley, Suffolk - 21st January 2006

A bit like when Phil Collins played at Live Aid in 1983 and then flew on Concorde to Philadelphia to play in the American leg of the same concert, Alex Hill went from playing a set at Revolution Records' closing-down party to a gig shortly afterwards at Yaxley Village Hall. Nosher followed on a bit later, by bicycle, to meet up with Marc and Sue, Bill and The Boy Phil. There's a chance to see Warren Sadiwskyj, Sam & Daisy and Alex Hill play acoustic numbers to a packed hall.

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Sam and Daisy during their set

Simon, the guy from Mellis, accompanies with a bit of cool Blues Harp

Warren Sadiwskyj does a bit of Crowded House

Tom Folkard on the desk

Alex Hill, fresh from her Revs gig

Billy Boy

Marc, Sue and Bill chat to 'The Music Teacher'

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Sam and Daisy during their set