Head office wants a photo of the Cambridge office

Head office wants a photo of the Cambridge office

'Rusty' McHugh, about to leave for San Diego

Russell chops up a kiwi fruit

Russell and Stef carve out some Kiwi fruit

There's a big pile of old office chairs

Isobel and Janet in the penthouse

Caroline's on the sofa

Janet, James and Isobel's flatmate Caroline

The gang in the Empress, Cambridge

'Bus Stop' Rachel and Sam

Sam gives a look

Darts and stick-game

Nosher in the Empress

Isobel plays some tunes on guitar

Mark freaks out for a bit

Mark's been stock taking all morning

The remains of Revs

Another regular chats to Wes over boxes of vinyl

The remains of the shop

The front of the shop has been re-arranged

Mark and his girlfriend continue stock-taking

Hazel mills around

The old front-of-shop sign

Revolution Records' frontage on Mere Street

People outside Revolution Records on Mere Street

Some dude checks the boxes outside

A final ode by Wes

The view of Mere Street from inside Revs

A final punter