Nosher cooks some pasta

Nosher cooks some pasta

Nosher's photo on Tilting Sky flyers

Max on bass

Ian plays a bit of electric mandolin

Ian and Geoff Sharkey

A lighting can frames the scene

Geoff on vocals and guitar

The dancing crowd

The party woman in red

Phil looks worried as Bill gets close

Ian just picked out by red light

Birthday girl

The packed Cock Inn

Crazy dancing

There's a look of surprise from party girl

Tim A scowls at Nosher

Rob roams around at Shelfanger

Henry and Max

The other Henry sets his kit up

Both Henrys

A crowd on the stage

Shelfanger village hall

Jo hangs about

Jo points her hands out

Henry behind his kit

Henry looks up from his kit

Alex comes on stage to fiddle with something

The temporary recording studio

Rob roams around

Alex behind the desk

The band hang around

The gig's takings are handed over