A valley in between Whaley Bridge and Edale

A valley in between Whaley Bridge and Edale

A road across the Pennines

The Old Chap pokes around in the car

A dry-stone wall and a Pennine view

A Fresian munches on grass near Edale

Just up from Edale, the cow has a sratch

A solitary walker

Valley near Broadlee-bank Tor

An abandoned shepherd's hut

A dead tree

Standing stones

A bull lies down. Luckily, it didn't rain

Footpath to Upper Booth

Postbox in a wall, Upper Booth

A woodworker's workshop, Lee Farm

A lane through Lee Farm

Pile of wood-chips

A wooden head, like the Moai of Easter Island

A rough path

A sheep stares at Nosher

On Jacob's Ladder

Walkers mill around at the foot of Jacob's Ladder

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

More walkers in the hills

A pile of stones

A pile of stones near Kinder Low

A bleak view

Self-timer photo

Holding on to a wind-sculpted rock

Somewhere near Cluther Rocks, about 630 metres up

Cluther Rocks

More aeolian carving

A red brook

A curious pair of wind-carved uprights

A flag-stone path