Dave Read Leaves 3G Lab/Trigenix/Qualcomm Cambridge - 7th October 2005

Dave Read, one-time intern, who joined back in the day of 3G Lab - in the shed at Wennington - leaves to go to music college in London. In celebration, he sets up the "soft play area" to be like a jazz club, and gets Nosher along to accompany on piano as he plays a few tunes on the "slushpump". First, Diss Publishing finally completes its long-awaited extension after a million years of building; the BBs have a practice session in the youth club.

next album: Gislingham Variety Club's Murder Mystery: Live - 7th October 2005
previous album: BSCC Presentation - 6th October 2005

Inside the almost-completed Diss Publishing extension

Jo reads some lyrics from an internet printout

Max gives Nosher a look

Strange power-pylon on Cambridge Science Park

Sunset over Wetherden, Suffolk

Dave B gives Dave R a send-off speech

Café society at Qualcomm Cambridge

Dave and Nosher play some tunes

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Inside the almost-completed Diss Publishing extension