Gislingham Village Hall

Gislingham Village Hall

Peter as Simon Cowell

One of the acts

The judging panel

Someone as Kate Bush

Another singer

Bill really gives it some

A girl sings

'Simon Cowell' looks impressed

Applause is required

Tom Jones, maybe

A pause in the singing

There's some fake sorrow

The ship's captain

Taking a break

The Boy Phil in the Swan

Spammy's talking

Marc lies back and waves

Claire feeds Matthew in the kitchen

Jill and Colin

Pre-presentation chatting

Sue hands the over-sized novelty cheque over

The bike club presentation

Mick The Brick sups a beer

Mick the Brick

Sylvia gives Matthew's foot a tug

Claire with Matthew

Alan behind the bar

Bill looks up

Colin's got a hot chip

Paul and Wavy

Bill stares

Sylvia with a bottle of lemonade

Claire heads off with the baby

Suey writes something down

Wavy and Mick

Marc pays his tab