The serene slipway leading out to Salton Sea.

The serene slipway leading out to Salton Sea.

The top of the pier

The surface conceals the reddish colour of the water

A dead Tilapia fish, which litter the shell beach

Some sort of navigation aid

A water-safety sign preaches to no-one

The pier in black and white

pelicans wait on stumps for passing fish

A salt crust

West Shores RV Park and Johnson's Landing café

Vanishing-point road, in the Carrizo Badlands

An example of gently-tilted sedimentary geology

Some desert scrub

An RV camp out in the desert

Moonscape in the badlands

The desert road disappears off in to the mountains

Desert foliage - an Ocotillo plant

Close-up of prickly spines

Some nice clouds which look like dots on dice

An abandoned golf shop in Borrego Springs

Another nearby derelict building

Old sign and palm trees on S22, Borrego Springs

Cute fluffy-looking cacti near Julian, Route 78

Aloe plants and mountains, Route 78

Rays of the setting sun picked out in the haze

Julian's post office

The mountains of Cuyamaca State Park