Scenes and People of Balboa Park, San Diego, California - 25th September 2005

On the last day of this particular trip to sunny San Diego, I have most of the day to mill around before taking back the hire-car, boarding a small plane for LA and then heading back over the Atlantic. So, it's a trip to Balboa Park (home of the San Diego zoo) which I hadn't really been to before (apart from seeing Huey Lewis and the News back in July) to while away a few hours, look around and take photos of the sights and people

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Village Place and El Prado

An accordion player

Cyclist along El Prado, the main 'high street' through Balboa Park


Architectural detail

Cool and shady collonade

The botanical building

Lilies on the pond

A mobile display partially built with hundreds of small, orange cones

More cone action. Just like the M25

A statue spouts water

Eucalyptus tree, backlit by the sun

Three Old Glories in a line

Tiles on a bench

On old guy roams around scrounging soda cans out of bins for the refund cents

Mirror-mosaic statue

A wedding occurs

An old Mexican guy sings a bizarre random version of 'Guantanamera'

Another photographer takes a break and surveys the world

The organ pavillion

Small dog; strangely large mouth

A woman from Bournemouth, UK, plays a set on the Spreckels Organ

The small American Eagle flight from San D to LAX

Quantas 747 at LA

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Village Place and El Prado