The BREW Developers' Conference, San Diego, Ca - 1st-2nd June 2005

Nosher and Nick man a stand at the BREW DevCon in San Diego. This year's conference is at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, on the waterfront in San Diego, and has around 2,500 attendants. Nick and Nosher are charged with talking to the masses about stuff for about nine hours non-stop on the bizarrely thick shag-pile carpet that the stand is built on. There's also a half-hour to catch some of the keynote speeches, where Peggy Johnson talks about our stuff, and CEO-elect of Qualcomm abseils (rappels) down on to the stage.

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Nick looks a bit sinister prior to breakfast

The QIS control room

Nick's on the phone

Luke, who's on a two-year stint in San Diego, helps us set up the stand

Nick, Amit and Luke ascend the escalator

There's food everywhere, but sadly not enough time to eat much of it

A quick bite to eat. The Coronado Bridge (which looks a lot like the Orwell Bridge in Ipswich) is in the background

The BREW shop

Nick models the 'uniform'...

...a vivid green, which isn't entirely Nosher's thing

The stage (from the back of the room) for the keynotes. It's quite impressive seeing Qualcomm Cambridge's stuff all over the place

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Nick looks a bit sinister prior to breakfast