The BBs do Bressingham and a Night in Elsworth, Norfolk and Cambridge - 17th December 2004

It's the final gig of the year as The BBs do Bressingham Village Hall - one of the great rock'n'roll venues. There's even a posterup outside to prove it. Before that, Nosher's over at Elsworth in Cambridgeshire around Julian and Hannah's gaff for a nice evening of steak, chips and red wine

next album: Christmas Shopping and a Carol Service, Norwich and Thrandeston - 19th December 2004
previous album: Saturday Moos and a Wander Round the Cowshed, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 11th December 2004

Julian fiddles around with serviettes

Hannah looks over as Julian pours the wine

Julian sips a bit of red wine

It's time for Pickle or Boss the dog to get a treat

A dog looks up expectantly

One of the dogs sniffs in an open computer case

Dog on a bed

At Bressingham, Jo is almost covered by a feather boa

Max looks over

The BBS does a sound check

Rob fiddles with knobs

Max on bass

Henry checks drum levels

Henry looks up

Henry gives it a bit of hi-hat

Max does the feather boa like Rasputin's beard

Rob points

Max roams around

The stage in red light

Jo in the back-stage kitchen

Rob adjusts some pedals

Rob sits back in the 'green room'

Outside, the newspaper sign tells it like it is

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Julian fiddles around with serviettes