A Working Trip to Bangkok, Thailand - 2nd October 2004

Another work trip to the Far East commences with a stopover in Bangkok for a couple of days. There's a day of work-related stuff, but it leaves an evening and a whole day to roam around the heaving, smelly and very hot city. This features an entertaining run around the city in a Tuk-tuk, visiting various temples until the inevitable 'my cousin's shop where tourists get government subsidy' diversion at which point the Tuk-tuk is ditched in favour of Shanks's Pony. There's also a trip on the needle boats that ply the rivers, which took a few goes to get the hang of: they stop for just a few seconds, so there's no time to discuss destinations or anything and then they're off. You have to hope for the best that they're even going the right way.

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Just around the corner from the hotel, the streets are full of night markets and mystery food

Down on the hot street

Chillies abound, and mysterious bags of vegetables wait to be sold

Bangkok street scene

A cheerful woman sells various forms of meat on a stick

A pop-up café

Under the bridge

Evening market stalls

A stroll down a side street

Elsewhere, there are lots of mobile scooter-driven food stalls

Tourists and locals give offerings at the Erawan Shrine, dedicated to the god Phra Phrom

A scene of incense and candles

Some traditional Thai dancing occurs

An offering of fruit and flowers to the god

Erawan Shrine

The Thai instantiation of a Hindi god

More smoky scenes

Thai dancers

Massive wooden elephants with gold foil on their heads

Nosher's dinner

Getting on a river taxi is an adventure as the boats stop for only a few seconds

The needle-boat churns up a big wake

Crowded riverside houses

A hard-hatted river pilot keeps an eye out

Riverside houses

A woman with baskets of fruit roams around

The temple of the standing Buddha

As part of the ritual, status are covered in thousands of squares of gold foil

A massive standing Buddha

A back-street scene

Over the rooftops

An incredibly-ornate temple building

Another gold-leafed status

A woman and a wheelbarrow

Nosher's tuk-tuk driver makes some running repairs

Some crazy wiring

The impressive Wat Benchamabophit - the Marble Temple

Massive lilly pads

Another western tourist looks at statues

A couple of old dudes play chequers outside a cafe

Every car is a taxi

Views from the top of the Golden Mount - Phukhao Thong Wat Saket - looking over Bangkok

Bangkok City

The view down to the river and the needle boats

Fake plastic Buddhas

Pinnacles at the top of the Golden Mount

Nosher in the required bare feet

Another self-portrait in the Filipino Barong shirt

It's not hard on this street to see where the world's mahogony is going

More wheel-based shops

A woman with a sack-barrow

Down by the riverside

One of a million tuk-tuks heads off up the street

Plastic-wrapped Buddhas

Back on the river in a packed river taxi

The needle boats of Bangkok

Another taxi steams up the river

The impressive, but oddly deserted, foyer of the hotel

The traditional 'view out of the hotel' photo

Later on, in the company of one of the local business contacts Nosher had met up with, there's a trip to a huge night market with music

More Thai-pop randomness with an umbrella

Back-stage fruit sellers at San Luam Night Bazaar

Bright lights, hot city

The hotel window view, by day

Nosher's hotel room

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Just around the corner from the hotel, the streets are full of night markets and mystery food