On the train into Athens at around 0530

On the train into Athens at around 0530

Athens Airport train station

Hanging around by the parliament building

Nick finds an open bakery and stocks up

Heading up to the Acropolis

Nick looks around

The empty streets of Athens at around 7am

A feral cat feeds its kitten

The sun rises on the back of the acropolis

Sunrise in Athens

The Theatre of Herod Atticus

Another view of the Theatre of Herod Atticus

The Propylaia - entrance temple to the Acropolis

The Erechtheion

Another angle at the Erechtheion

Nosher swaps photos with a tourist at the Parthenon

A view over Athens

The Parthenon's columns

It's all Greek

Nosher sits on a wall

The back of the Parthenon

The ancient Agora - active in the 2nd Century

An ancient road

The church of Ayioi Apostoloi, built around 1000AD

An icon - in the true meaning of the word

The dome inside the Ayioi Apostoloi

The remains of the Middle Stoa

The Temple of Hephaistos (5th c. BC)

A tortoise crosses the path to visit the temple

The Stoa of Attalos, rebuilt by the American School

A woman tries to sell lace to passing tourists

Athens street scene

Everywhere there are ancient columns and ruins

More street life

Walking along Mitropoleos towards Monastiraki

In some sort of square in Monastiraki

A covered street

Looking down on a busy street

Some Pierrots or mimes practice in the heat

Flags of the world

More flags

Another souvenir street

The mimes are still going

Nosher meets up with Nick again

Time for a kebab

At the entrance to the Olympic badminton event

It's the badminton finals

Outside, the Romanian team pose for a photo

Olympic flags

There's a load of singing in Monastiraki

A bouzouki player

The Mexican hat dance

There's all sorts of celebrations going on

Flag waving

More flags

Nick holds up a beer as we eat olives and feta

Some dudes grill meat on a stick

The smoke is intense in the kebab shop

Nick has a kip back in the airline lounge

Fluffy clouds over London at about 8am on Friday