A Day Trip to the Olymipcs and Athens, Greece - 19th August 2004

And why not: on a whim, Nick C from work decides to arrange a day trip to Athens to catch a bit of the 2004 Olympic Games. Leave UK at 11pm Wednesday, get to Athens at 0430 Thursday (3.5hr flight), trundle around town for the day, see some sights, catch some of the games and hang out in tavernas and get an 0530 Friday flight back to the UK. No luggage and no accomodation to worry about makes for a great trip...

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On the train into Athens from the airport, at around 0530

Milling around the square outside the parliament building

Nick finds an open bakery and stocks up on brekkie

Heading up to the Acropolis

A semi-feral cat suckles its kittens

the back of the Acropolis in the sunrise

The first glimpse of the Parthenon

There's a little time to kill before the Acropolis complex opens at 0800

The Theatre of Herod Atticus

Views from the top

The Propylaia (entrance temple to the Acropolis)

The Parthenon in the early-morning sun

The Erechtheion

Eastern end of the Parthenon

Nosher and a passing tourist swap photos

A self-timer photo sitting on the wall

Later, Nosher wanders down into the ancient Agora, the part of Athens which thrived for several centuries, notably around the second century AD

The remains of an old road

The church of Ayioi Apostoloi, built around 1000AD

A wall painting from within the church

The remains of the Middle Stoa (Stoa is a Greek word for a covered walk or collonade)

The House of Simon. It's true to say it's in better condition than Nosher's own gaff

The Temple of Hephaistos (5th c. BC)

A tortoise crosses the path to Hephaistos for some reason

The Stoa of Attalos (159-138 BC), reconstructed by the American School (1953-1956)

An old woman tries to tempt some passing tourists with her lacy wares

Walking along Mitrop;oleos towards Monstiraki

Some of the shops around Monastiraki

Some performers do their thing in the staggering heat

Flag Day

Nosher meets up with Nick for an excellent kebab

Outside the Goudi Olympic Stadium

The Badminton court: the women's singles finals is in full swing

Outside, some Bulgarians celebrate being there

The grand entrance to Katehaki underground station

Back in Pantanassa Square, Monastiraki, for a spot of Greek music

An entertaining Mexican group were entertaining the crowds with singing

The true Olympic spirit of multiculturalism

More excellent Greek nosh: Nick arrives from the Hockey and joins in with a beer

Later on, Nick goes on a search for yet more food

Nick had cashed in a heap of Air Miles to get us Business-class flights back. One of the perks is access to the comfy, quiet, business Lounges (beats the airport floor any day :-)

The fluffy clouds over London as we land at around 0800 Friday and the end of a superb 'day out with a difference'

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On the train into Athens from the airport, at around 0530