June Misc: Andrey leaves work, Phil falls asleep and some Scenes from Diss - 4th, 5th June 2004

Andrey leaves Trigenix and trades Cambridge for Oxford, so a deputation wanders down to the Green Dragon pub on the banks of the Cam to see him off. Later that night, after a few hours in the pub, Nosher and Phil go round Marc and Sue's to watch DVDs till the small hours. The next day, Nosher wanders into Diss to see once more a re-enactment of some stuff from "The Skelton Years" (1460 - 1529, at one point during which John Skelton - former tutor to Henry VIII was a rector of Diss).

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Ducks paddle by on the Cam, on the edge of the pub's beer garden

Nick and James


Close-up quackers

Nick scoffs a burger. James and Craig look on

The international table: Andrey (Russia), Nadine (Denmark), Liviu (Romania) and Liam (Canada)

James is slightly taken aback as half a pig turns up on his plate

Louise joins the throng

Luke does the leaving speech...

...and presents Andrey with some leaving gifts

Andrey says a few words

The Green Dragon pub

Phil's asleep (and thus defenceless): time for some 'fun with props'

When Bagpuss falls asleep, all his friends fall asleep...

Perhaps this is getting a little bit too bizarre...

Some more scenes from the ongoing Skelton Festival

Benny and Gloria happen by

I'm often struck by the contrast between a 400-year-old church and the chip van

St Mary's Church, Diss. The clock hands (stolen by vandals) have been returned

A Hurdy-Gurdy player does his thing

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Ducks paddle by on the Cam, on the edge of the pub's beer garden