June Misc 2: Venus spotting, Claire's birthday and a Barbeque @ Nosher's - 8th-14th June

A geek-moment at work in Cambridge as a few of us pile out to observe the transit of Venus across the Sun, including a few attempts at pinhole camera construction. Then there's a bit of Claire's birthday cake up the Swan, some "Cat-up-a-tree" moments and an impromptu barbeque around Nosher's which came about as something to do as well as partly an anti-football thing.

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James, Craig and Richard P hang out

Luke comes out to see what's occuring

Craig borrows a pair of Richard's 1999-vintage eclipse-spotting shades to watch the transit

Later in the week, up the Swan, it's Claire's birthday

Cat A, 'the evil Soph-bags', enjoys nothing more than running up trees on warm evenings...

I felt sorry for these cheerful buttercups before I mowed them, so took a photo of them first

Outside the front of Nosher's house for an anti-footie barbeque. Wavy and Jen swing by on the way to the pub

Marc eats a sausage...

...and then demonstrates his dextrous toes by plucking a leaf out of a nearby tree

Sue demonstrates some double-jointedness


Jess makes a call

A few days later, a balloon floats over the back garden, after taking off from the nearby Cornwallis Arms

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James, Craig and Richard P hang out