Gov and DH gingerly head down the seaweed-covered steps

Gov and DH gingerly head down the seaweed-covered steps

Looking out to sea

There's Punch and Judy on the beach

The gang watch Punch and Judy from outside the café

Under the pier sign

Jess on a model boat

Gov, Jen and Jess in Tim Hunkin's Under the Pier show

Gov does a runner

The Hunkin clock again

The crows gather to watch the copper dudes urinate

Southwold Pier

Jess and Jen

Gov gets sprinkles on his ice cream

Ice cream, chips and coffee

Gov has licked all his sprinkles off

Nosher's got an ice cream too

We go for a walk on the beach

Gov, Jen and Jess

DH in the beer garden of the Nelson in Southwold

Jess ties up Jen's legs with some electrical tape

Wavy, Jackie, Jen and Sarah in another pub somewhere

Nosher, Bill and The Boy Phil do the three-monkeys thing

DH, Marc and Sue by the fire place

Wavy's up on the windowsill

Jo's helping out with something down by the Mere

Jo checks out a couple of buckets

A woman with a stick buys some books

Down at Antonio Giovanni's in Ipswich, Michelle sweeps up

Haircuts in Antonio Giovanni's