The group of riders assembles outside the Swan

The group of riders assembles outside the Swan

Pippa wheels her bike around

Wavy is ready with a form of high-viz

We stop at the level crossing in Palgrave

Apple lurks by the barrier

We find out what's going on

Ninja M mutters about waiting for frigging trains

A steam train heads up from Ipswich direction

The rake of maroon BR TSO coaches rumbles past

In the Thelnetham White Horse

Suey wanders round with an orange juice

The Boy Phil reads the papers

Apple and Ninja M on the jukebox

Sue does some pool hustling

Marc at the bar

The Boy Phil takes a shot

Suey cues up

Jen looks surprised

The gang in Thelnetham White Horse

Bill talks to Jen and Wavy

Suey does some potting

Apple stops next to an unfeasibly-pink van

The White Horse at Thelnetham

A timber-framed building is rebuilt in Redgrave

The Redgrave Cross Keys

Marc adjusts Jen's bike

Apple leans on his bike

Jen tries her bike out

Marc looks to be sleeping standing up

Wavy's got cue chalk on his nose

Ninje M, and The Boy Phil, reading the paper again

A dude called Bugbear

Marc eats sausage and chips

The waitress looks at us suspiciously

Eating festival sausages

Jen giggles about something

Wavy chats at the bar

Bill's on the table

DH is shocked by Suey's five-strand roll-up

Wavy and Jen

DH checks his phone

Bill waits with a pool cue in hand

DH with a fag on

Nosher busts some sort of moves

Nosher in the light

Jen by a fruit machine

Apple points

Bill flings a small stuffed cow towards the bin

The cow has been rescued and is on the bar

Marc hugs Apple and gives the peace sign

Bill tips off his bike on Redgrave green

Marc does gang sign on the way past

Bill's off his bike again, as DH looks back

Some sheep in a field just outside Palgrave

We look at sheep for an hour

Hanging over a gate, watching sheep in a field

We're at Marc and Sue's for curry

The Boy Phil gets some rice

Wavy stuffs a naan bread into his face

Jess has a plate of Celebration mini-chocolates

Bill flakes out