Jess's Birthday Do, King's Head Pulham St Mary - 3rd April 2004

Jess celebrates her 24th birthday with family and friends at a pub in the next village. After dinner at Pulham St. Mary, we finish off with a couple of pints in the Pulham Market Crown

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Bill yawns as menus ar consulted

It's cheers for Jess's birthday

Andy and Jackie

Waiting for dinner

Claire and Paul

Still waiting as stuff is late

Dinner arrives, featuring massive Yorkshire puddings

Andy gets his free because it was missed out

Jess waves her phone about

The Boy Phil scopes out pudding

Paul is looking at puddings already

Andy's got treacle sponge

Jess and her friend


Outside in the street, walking back to the other Pulham

Boy Phil and John Tate in the Pulham Crown


John and Phil chat

Fireside group

Jackie and Andy look serious

Wavy and Jen

Jess prepares a night cap

The Boy Phil with Sunflower the lion

Hanging out on Jess's bed

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Bill yawns as menus ar consulted