Jess's Birthday Do, King's Head Pulham St Mary - 3rd April 2004

Jess celebrates her 24th birthday with family and friends at a pub in the next village. Andy got his food free in the end as there was a bit of confusion getting the orders out, but otherwise it was a good night. It was followed by a couple of swift ones in the Pulham (Market) Crown on the way back.

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Bill gasps as everyone manages to actually order stuff quickly

Andy mugs for the camera; Jackie looks a bit uncomfortable being subject to yet another Nosher photo

The top of the table

Jen does her best impression of Sinead O'Connor. Wavy looks surprised.


Wavy gets a hot one. Bill despairs.

Andy makes do with a food parcel sent from the other end of the table before his own food turns up

Jess and her chum scope out John Tate's Motorola V300

Time for pudding

Jackie scoffs a 'Treacle Spong'

Nosher shows off his arse-shaped chin

Outside the King's Head (the 9,000th photo taken on this camera, too: 9k photos in about 3 years = 3k per year or nearly 10 photos every day)

and inside the Pulham Crown

John and Phil leave their flat caps by the door and sit down 'round the fire to sort out the world

Waves and Jen. Wavy - in a shock departure from Abbot Ale - drinks Vodka WKD

Wavy wanted this photographed for posterity.

Jess gets everyone Amaretto-on-the-rocks, however the icecubes turn out to be a single huge lump (although some cubes are eventually rescued)

The slumber-party hangs out in Jess's bedroom

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Bill gasps as everyone manages to actually order stuff quickly