The Harvs on Mere Street

The Harvs on Mere Street

Ian looks at Liam

Liam and Ian outside Clinton's Cards in Diss

Some dude talks about Woody Guthrie

A Harvs guitar case

Ninja M wanders past

Down on the beach at Southwold

Nosher by the concrete promenade

Another selfie

The mostly-empty beach

Groynes in the sea

Damaged beach huts

A view through porches

Beach huts, trashed by the sea

A shed for sale on the sea front

Tim Hunkin's brilliant water clock

The telescope at the end of the pier

When the sea is wavy - a favourite pier placque

A view of Southwold from the pier

The Southwold Pier sign

Under the pier

Nosher leans against the pier supports

Standing on gravel

Small changing huts near the car park

A derelict boat called Herrac

On top of the cliffs

Blythburgh Church

The Blythburgh village sign

A thatched house in Blythburgh

Blythburgh's Holy Trinity Church

Inside Blythburgh church

the church door, with Black Shuck's scorch marks

The roof of the church

Upstairs in the priests' hole

Brick floor, and the font

The detatched church at Bramfield

The thatched church of St. Andrew at Bramfield