It's practice night in the church

It's practice night in the church

Debs and Matt

Sis with the Old Chap, and the Reverend Tibbs

Matt's Dad

Flowers are adjusted

Neil, Mother and Mike are out for dinner

Bruno, Caroline and Neil

Nosher and Judith

Katie and Mel

The Old Man

Sis at the bar

Sis and Matt

Mike pours a wedding-morning glass of fizz

Hairspray is layered on

The end result for the hair

The dress is installed

Sis gets an adjustment

In the Royal Oak

Matt welcomes guests

Matt waves his arms in the air

Debs the Best Woman outside the church


Debs and Sarah

Sis roams around

Debs has a laff as Sarah has a swig

The Reverend Tibbs

The Old Chap

Caroline and Neil in the church

Sarah and Reverend Tibbs

The Old Chap walks Sis down the aisle

The ceremony

Sis and Matt exchange vows

Inside St. Peter's church, Meavy

The Rev. Tibbs does his thing

Matt and Sis do vows

Matt and Sis

A group photo outside St. Peter's

Judith and Bruno on the bus to the reception

Guests on the bus

Grandmother surveys the passing scenery

Grandmother and Judith

Mike and Bruno

Judith and Neil

Caroline and Bruno

Matt and Debs


Neil and Mother

Mike and Caroline

Caroline takes a photo as Bruno looks up

Matt on the top table

Matt does a speech

The family table

Wedding dancing

Dancing to the disco

Judith and Bruno again

Dancing in a circle

Meanwhile, Nosher's briefly back in his room

Sis has a laff

Sis has a quick ciggie

Debs appears for breakfast, just about

The fireplace of a derelict cottage

Curious stones near Burrator

Derelict stone cottage by Burrator

Burrator resevoir

Debs on the shore of Burrator resevoir