Lorraine's 21st Birthday, The Swan, Suffolk - 10th June 2000

It's Lorraine's 21st birthday, so there's a do up at The Swan featuring mobile disco "The Mobile Nightclub" and a bit of dancing

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previous album: Colin and Jill's Barbeque, Suffolk - 28th May 2000

Ian and Claire

Andy and Jimmy do some funky dancing

More dancing

Mikey P shows off one of his alco-pops

Ian, Jimmy, Mikey and Wavy

Claire gives the hairy eyeball

Nosher, Paul and The Boy Phil


Lorraine with a birthday balloon

Sylvia brings the cake out

Lorraine blows the candles out

One of Lorraine's uncles does a speech

Neil and Helen

Lorraine has a bit of a Timotei moment

Alan, Claire and Sylvia

John Willy and Paul get some food

Sally ducks out

Sally looks to be straining a bit

Sylvia with a rubber glove

Sally and The Boy Phil

John Willy's on the floor

Spammy, John, Paul and DH and a big birthday sign

Apple John with some balloons

Mikey P dancing

Outside in the garden, there's a gazeebo

Eileen and Suzy

DH looks startled

Milling throngs

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Ian and Claire