Lorraine's 21st Birthday, The Swan, Suffolk - 10th June 2000

It's Lorraine's 21st birthday, so there's a do up at The Swan featuring mobile disco "The Mobile Nightclub" and a bit of dancing

next album: A Last Few Days at CISU. Suffolk County Council, Ipswich - 11th June 2000
previous album: Colin and Jill's Barbeque, Suffolk - 28th May 2000

Lorraine blows the candles out

Ian and Claire

Andy and Jimmy do some funky dancing

More dancing

Mikey P shows off one of his alco-pops

Ian, Jimmy, Mikey and Wavy

Claire gives the hairy eyeball

Mikey P's dancing by himself

Nosher, Paul and The Boy Phil


Lorraine with a birthday balloon

Neil and Helen

Lorraine has a bit of a Timotei moment

Alan, Claire and Sylvia

John Willy and Paul get some food

Sally ducks out

Sally looks to be straining a bit

Claire looks a bit 'meh'

Sylvia with a rubber glove

Sally and The Boy Phil

John Willy's on the floor

Spammy, John, Paul and DH and a big birthday sign

Apple John with some balloons

Jimmy dances about

Mikey P dancing

Outside in the garden, there's a gazebo

Eileen and Suzy

DH looks startled

The view from the ceiling

Milling throngs

One of Lorraine's uncles does a speech

Apple and the Rabbits

A bit of the Macarena

Thumbs up

Lorraine takes her balloon for a tour of the pub

Rainey's gang

Alan and Lorraine behind the bar

More of Lorraine's mates

John Willy piles in to the bar

John Willy gives Apple a snog on the face

Mikey P, Jimmy and Andy

Wavy's dancing

Disco lights

Lorraine's on the floor

Shane gets the bumps

Lorraine waves

John Willy looks worse for wear

Another group hug moment

Meanwhile, there's table football in the family room

Lorraine takes her balloon outside

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Lorraine blows the candles out