Uni: A Party in Snobs Nightclub, Plymouth - 18th October 1986

Probably a 21st birthday party, held in Snobs Nightclub in Plymouth. Nosher went to several of these gigs as photographer - a handy sideline to help supplement the meagre student grant with extra beer vouchers. If nothing else, there are some great 1980s fashions and dancing going on.

Soundtrack for this album:

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The party's protagonist, in the yellow dress

It's a perm-fest

His'n'hers black shirts

On the dancefloor

Beer in mugs

Party girl gets a snog

More posing with guests

Bopping like it's 1986

Some curious messing around

Party girls

Looking a bit worse for wear

Someone with a leg in the air

Another bunch of boys on the beer

Girls drinking pints

Fake Champagne fizz flies through the air

Birthday snog

More fizz

Malc's mates

Malc and his mate

Swigging from the bottle of fizz

Crazy 80s dancing

A group photo

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The party's protagonist, in the yellow dress