We head off from the Crown back to Diss

We head off from the Crown back to Diss

Phil's at the bar at Ampersand Tap

Ampersand has got a new canning machine

Phil at the bar

A small dog wants what they've got

Mick the Brick helps Rachel with some curtains

Isobel roams around the Pennings

Harry roams Shelfanger Road car park

Harry gets a photo of derelict buildings

Allyson and Pete look at arty postcards

The ceilidh band does its thing

Harry gets a good photo of us dancing

Dancing occurs

Harry looks up from his can of Sprite

More ceilidh band action

Harry's actually dancing

Harry and Isobel swirl around

Some kind of stip-the-willow occurs

Harry claps

The scene in the Cornhall

We have a break from the dancing

There's a set from a hypno-folk group

A dude with a rock bodhrán

Isobel does an impromptu Irish dancing class

More from the band

A hoodied teen shuffles around slowly

A bit of singing

There's a Mike Webb duck over a low door

Harry and Isobel have a dance

We head into Istanbul Kebab House in Diss

Allyson and Pete hang around in the kebab shop

Isobel scoffs a tub of cheesy chips

Harry and Isobel do a bit of Bey Blade