There's a big queue for a café on Exchange Street

There's a big queue for a café on Exchange Street

A damp Gentleman's Walk in Norwich

The sock-puppet guy is doing his thing

Glow-in-the-dark colours at a bubble-tea café

Harry and Fred wait for their bubble teas

A view through the floors of Chantry Place

Fred and Harry have their bubble tea

The bubble tea shack

A view of Chantry Place

The remains of a closed-down Pizza Hut

Isobel and Fred are still slurping tea

Harry points at some action figures in MenKind

Fred and Harry roam around Flying Tiger

Harry pokes at something

There's a horned sheep outside The Forum

Someone makes yarn from sheeps' wool

Isobel gets a photo of a crocheted Wooly Mammoth

The Norwich Droids stand in The Forunm

A couple of Elizabethan dressed

An entire knitted Buckingham Palace

Harry at the Norwich Droids stand

A cool 3D-printed C1-10P 'Chopper' droid

There's some sort of Eulogy installation outside

Fred and Isobel in Pizza Express

The pizzaioli do their thing

Someone tries out a hand loom

Street are on a market stall bookshop

The lanes of Norwich Market

Harry and Isobel wait outside Orient Express

Cool embellishment on an Exchange Street building

Norwich Castle has a crane looming over it

Dark skies behind Norwich Anglican Cathedral