Fred plays a spot of piano in the holiday barn

Fred plays a spot of piano in the holiday barn

Harry stands on some railings

Harry visits the roundabout

Harry has a spin around in the playground

The new outdoor/visitor centre

Fred takes on the tyre swing

Harry does an obstacle swing thing

Thornham playground with its covering of leaves

The boys have a swing

Harry swings around

A giant leaf surrounded by oak leaves

Isobel, Sis and the boys hang around by the café

The Forge Café

A dog with a pink jacket on trots past

Harry sits in the throne

We head off through the woods

The woods of Thornham Estate

Harry stands on the old grumpy lion

There's a new sculpture in a tree stump

The old owl has found a new home

The inside of the tree has been carved nicely

Harry pokes around on the dragon

The fallen tree has been turned into a hut

The walled garden in the sad mist of winter

We stop off at Roscoe's café for a bit of lunch

Sis roams around

Roscoe'a café and deli on the Thornham estate

Thornham's coach house yard

Our pizza arrives

Delicatessen produce on display

Fred and Harry do the funny tiny person thing

Fred and Harry mess around

Fred stumps about

A carpet of leaves

The old man of the woods

A smiling wooden Moai