Fred and Harry on the ramps in Eye

Fred and Harry on the ramps in Eye

Fred scoots down a ramp

Harry looks somewhat pensive

Fred is a blur of action

Harry spins around

Harry gives a kick to get some speed up

The woods by the town moors

Some knob has twatted their car on a post

There's a bright orange hotrod on Gaol Hill

Fred furtles through Pokémon cards

Canary Comics in the market

Nosher gets Harry some real comic books

Orient Express in Norwich Market

Tesco Express and Guildhall Hill

Fruit stalls on the market

Fred bends his legs for some reason

Christmas sprouts-on-a-stick are out

A replica Penfold mailbox on St Peter's Street

There's a carousel doing the rounds

Harry in Pizza Express

Norwich City Hall

A pile of books by a stall in the market

Fred, Harry and Isobel in Pizza Express

A metalhead/biker type has a break

Fred, Harry and Isobel exit the Forum

Once again through the light tunnel

The derelict Debenhams still has its sign up

Debenham's former entrance is boarded up

Some wag has scribed 'ape shit' on an advert

John Lewis is covered in sparkly lights

Looking down to Westlegate

Harry has a look in Warhammer 40,000

The closed-down Mindoro café

Gentleman's Walk is reasonably busy

Old Post Office Court alleyway

Cary's flower stall

Exchange Street and Jarrold department store

Topman is shuttered up

It's fairly quiet in Marks and Spencer

The Lamb Inn

We walk up Orford Place

It's discovered that drain covers have a direction

Isobel picks out some flowers