The GSB sets up at St. Mary's in Thornham

The GSB sets up at St. Mary's in Thornham

The horn section waits

Fred waits with a mask on

Harry sits in the choir and plays on a tablet

Isobel comes over at the end of the gig

A horn player leaves the church

A small group hangs around outside the church

Ron heads off down the path

The band disperses along the street in Thornham

Isobel starts decorating the Christmas tree

A bundle of fairy lights

The lads meet up at the Thorndon Black Horse

Mikey-P's on the phone

Wavy shows his legs off

Jimmy shows Bill something on his phone

The Elf on the Shelf is up to no good in the fridge

St. Nicholas Street in Diss

The basket shop at the top of Market Hill

Market (or Pump) Hill in Diss

Harry scopes out tools in Larter and Ford

Harry roams around in the hardware shop

Classic old-school ironmongers: Larter and Ford

The wet tiles of Norfolk Yard

The glow of warm lights at the Natural Foodstore

Harry points at neon lights in Hillary and Alice

Harry tries to escape from the photo