There are deer grazing in a stubble field

There are deer grazing in a stubble field

The road to Thornham is getting autumnal

Gaz rocks up at the crossroads

Paul appears too

We head off up the road to Oakley

Gaz stomps off towards Billingford

Billingford Windmill in the dusk

We have a beer at Ampersand's tap room in Diss

A cow picture in the Oaksmere's foyer

The Oaksmere's foyer is nice and quiet

Morrison's petrol station has run out

Mere Street in Diss is quite busy

Harry and Fred on the platform at Diss

Isobel and Fred on the train

Harry considers some Mentos

The derelict factory in Trowse

Fred leaves the train

Harry and Isobel roam Riverside in Norwich

Wetherspoons - the cockroach of pubs - is busy

Paddling on the River Wensum

There's a sundial on a house o King's Street

The gang on King's Street

A former shop or pub

Arnolds Keys: a cool 1950s office building

Funky art: have a good day

The former Handelebanken offices

A 1930s building with original windows

The boys scope out Lego in Jarrold's

A nice Playmobil display in Jarrold's

Isobel and Fred in the toy department

Fred's chosen some Harry Potter Lego

We stop at Pizza Express on St. Benedicts

St. Benedict's street has gone all café

Isobel scopes the menu as Harry tries the hat

Building details: built in 1898

Café society on St. Benedict's

Cooke's Pianos is closed for refurbishment

Outside Pizza Express on St. Benedict's

The zebra crossing by St. Gregory's Alley

A closed-down shop has been sprayed 'Sekzy'

Harry looks at figurines

Isobel roams around St. Gregory's antiques

Fred looks at insects in perspex

A cool glass head

Harry looks at more figures

A table top made from shotgun cartridges

Urban decay in Pottergate

Fred hauls his purchases around

Thorn's hardware shop

Bedford Street from Lobster Lane

A stark 80 office block on Bedford Street

On the cobbles of Bedford Street

The Bang and Olufsen shop has closed down

Back at the old Post Office on Prince of Wales

The derelict Prince of Wales pub

We pass the inventively-named Tasty restaurant

The dodgy-looking Sherbet Lemon club

There's a giant snake on Mantra restaurant

We pass by the Railway Mission

Fred looks back on the concourse at Norwich Station

We head down the platform to the train

Harry waits for the doors as we get to Diss

On the platform at Diss station

Fred hangs around outside Diss station

Within minutes, Fred's started on the Space Shuttle

The 'Space Shuffle' is almost complete

Fred does some sort of grain pounding