A Fordson does some ploughing

A Fordson does some ploughing

Uncle Mick's hanging out by the gazebo

A tractor spins its wheels in the mud

Uncle Mick's on barbeque duty

There's more wheel spinning

Elsewhere, a David Brown does some ploughing

The Fordson Dexta driver stops for a drink

A Massey Ferguson 135 with a canvas cab

Another run up the field

The Boy Phil walks back from the farm

A mini Ransome's track is pull-started

The Ransome's micro tractor is driven up a ramp

Another tractors gets its plough on

A grin from a Massey Ferguson driver

There's a conference over one of the tractors

More mardling over a Massey 135

Fred considers the sign

Fred makes flour from some salvaged grains of wheat