A view of the street from the restaurant window

A view of the street from the restaurant window

Isobel peruses the menu

Not your average poppadums and dips

We're early so the restaurant is fairly quiet

Isobel gets a 'something of everything' dish

The restaurant does excellent Espresso Martinis

The wavy glass of the Breffni in Blackrock

Isobel and Jen in the Breffni

Jen shows off some photos out on the street

We walk back to Jen's car

Central Café takeaway

Isobel gives Jen a hug

1960s office building on Crane Street

Old railway tracks in the cobbles

One of the Guinness factory gates

A Guinness toucan giuves Harry a headache

The queue outside the Storehouse

More tracks in the cobbles

A derelict building on Grand Canal Place

The Gravity Bar from Grand Canal Place

Harry in a café on Echlin Street

The Guinness Medical Department

A horse goes for a walk

Inside the Storehouse

A waterfall

There's a cool 'infinite bubble' display

More infinite bubbles

An old copper vessel

Guinness Tasting Time clock

Fred hangs on to some railings

A museum of Guinness transport

An old shunting diesel loco

On an escalator

An ostrich with its head in the floor

Fred holds up a girder

Harry holds the girder up with a finger

Ironwork near the top of the building

Looking over Dublin, with the spike on the horizon

A view over the factory

In the Gravity Bar

Harry and Fred play with Bakugan

Another factory view

Looking down on Grand Canal Place

Harry, Fred and Isobel in the Gravity Bar

Guinness with an umbrella

Nosher has a West Indies Porter

Isobel and the boys in the bar

Isobel looks out over the city

Fred checks his phone

Another view of Dublin

We're back downstairs in the Guinness shop

Back out on the street

Isobel sorts a taxi out

We head off for a walk to Seapoint

Graffiti on a derelict wall

More Monkstown Farm graffiti

Fred comes out of the Spar near Seapoint

A DART train at Seapoint station

The view from Seapoint

Isobel, Harry and Louise look out to sea

There's a windsurfer in Dublin Bay

Harry on the beach

Isobel and Da Wheeze

A huge pine tree with herons in it

Harry by the massive tree trunk

Cars queue for the ferry at Dublin Port

On the car deck

A view of the Winkies

Dublin Port

Poolbeg generating station

Fred scores a pizza - for a ferry, it's not bad

The boys get ready to leave

It's time to return to the car

A blur of action

Our mezzanine car deck is lowered

We look for the toilets at a services on the A56