Ampersand's tap room, at the former Diss Cue Club

Ampersand's tap room, at the former Diss Cue Club

The Boy Phil's purple beer

Tantalising glimpses of oak framework

Eye Carpets is getting a re-vamp

A tortoise in Eye

The hare on Lambseth Street

Nosher's bike and the Lambseth hare

A tortoise near the bus stop

Tortoise outside the fire station

There's a nice sunset over the airfield

The wind turbines on Eye airfield

A ghost section of the old A140

A short stretch of old A140 is now a cycle path

Infinite lights in Caféye

We have lunch in Caféye

Caféye's own tortoise

Isobel scopes another tortoise out

The Liberal Democrats' tortoise

Isobel roams around the market

There's a hare near the Handyman

The Queen's Head and town hall on Cross Street

Harry and Isobel in the Oaksmere

Harry's got a dose of ennui

Fred assembles something out of chestnut seeds

Harry jumps off a bench

The boys mess around with helicopter seeds

In the car park at Bruha/Station 119

Bruha's kegs are stacked up

The Boy Phil roams around

Chatting on the car park of 119

The Boy Phil gets a pint in

The crows are on their evening flight

Marc stacks chairs, as Suey and Marc chat

Out in the car park

A golden hare outside the Eye community centre

The golden hare on the playing fields

Isobel looks at the house on Magdalen Street

The old fire station on Magdalen Street

Derelict house on Magdalen Street

Isobel walks back from the bus stop

The last school bus of the year trundles away