It's Harry's birthday, so he opens a present

It's Harry's birthday, so he opens a present

Harry gets the first of many Lego sets

Fred and Harry inspect the box

Fred ends up doing most of the build

The Lego building continues

Harry holds up some sort of Ninjago boat

Isobel picks up tickets from the ticket shed

The train rides are silent

We head to the open café

A carved face in a tree stump

The little café in the playground

Masks on whilst sandwiches are prepared

Isobel looks over

Fred's on the rails

Fred and Harry walk on the rails

A cracked rail in some points

Red-tinged plants in the Winter Garden

A solitary green blade of grass

Bright purple flowers

The Winter Garden at Bressingham

A small blue flower peeks out

Harry in camouflage

Fred pretends to be a cactus

The Garden Line railway

Isobel wanders around the grounds

Four teak chairs in a garden house

Fred walks about

The boys in the garden

Fred and Harry hug a tree

Sunny daffodils

More daffodils

There's some tree surgery going on

The little bridge

The boys look down a well

Harry and Fred consider the pond

Another pond down in Foggy Bottom

Nice silver birch bark

The entrance to Foggy Bottom

An octagonal garden house

Harry does some sort of move

A Mallard pootles about

The gang look at some plants

A bee on a daisy

We're back at the café

A derelict shed

The Bressingham signal box

The coal pile

The gallopers are all covered up

Bressingham has a new engine, still in cling film

The engine sheds

A field of pampas grass waves in the wind

Tracks snake out of the engine shed

Fred near the main café

The South American engine now has a cab