Harry gets a huge box for his birthday

Harry gets a huge box for his birthday

The various components are laid out

The frame is built

Isobel bolts some stuff together

Down in the car park at Dunwich Heath

Fred's mostly hidden from the wind

We head off out onto the heath

Harry's up a tree

Amber waits with Dave the Dog

Gnarly gorse bushes

Dave gets a little treat

Bzzzt: danger of death

The coastguard house and lookout

Harry and Megan

Dave strains on the lead

On Dunwich Heath

A blown-over tree

In the woods near Cliff House

Fred sits on a log

Dave in the woods

Bare trees reach up to the grey sky

We stop for a picnic in the woods

A solitary bunch of daffodils in the woods

Dave has a little rest

A bee crawls around on a tree

Fred whacks a tree with a stick

Megan and Harry each have s big stick

Cliff House camp site is having some work done

Walking through silver birch trees

The gorse is in bloom

Back on the heath near the cliff top

More gnarly gorse

Isobel in the boot of the car

Megan and Harry in the boot of the car

A Stag Beetle pootles around

The view to Sizewell power station

A favourite Aieeee! sign

Waves crash on the beach

The children run off up the beach

Wood and dried plant matter

Harry and Megan on the beach

Harry throws a rock into the sea

Back on the path to the car park

Megan stands on a concrete block

Dave gets some attention

Sitting on the boards by the dark pond

The tweenagers look like they're sulking

Back at the car park

Fred finds a cool Muntjac skull

The Ivy House in Stradbroke, up for sale as a house