A Weekend Camping Trip, The Garden, Suffolk - 11th April 2020

The weather's great but we can't go anywhere, so instead Nosher drives the van down to the bottom of the garden and we spend a night camping out, even though the nights are totally freezing

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Boris, the stripey cat, lounges about

The van is parked at the bottom of the garden

Isobel pumps the awning up

It's just like actual camping

Harry does bubbles

The view from the campsite

Time for tea

Boris roams the garden

Boris - stripey cat

Fred does bubbles

The queue for the Co-op in Eye

Some more rainbows

Rainbows in the window of Cocoa Mama

The side field gets some irrigation

We go off looking for Millie, the lost invisible cat

A new-build gets a new lawn, in seeded form

The gang wanders down to the church

An exploded grave in Brome churchyard

The blossom is out

The road up from the church

Brome church

We head off behind Church Farm to look for Millie

The cows are feeding again

A couple of swans on the resevoir

The two swans float by, reflected in the water

Wandering off towards Nick's Lane

The new build near the chicken farm

A cow looks out

Isobel and Harry

We spot Marticle whilst walking

Marticle heads off on his 'official exercise'

The boys in the field

Fred's got some eggs

The boys in their tree house

The view from the tree house

The boys have a picnic up a tree

The apples are in blossom

A small bee does its thing

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Boris, the stripey cat, lounges about