A Memorial Service, Covent Garden, London - 13th March 2020

It's the memorial service for SwiftKey colleague Simon Wood, who died at the end of July 2019. The memorial is held at the St. Paul's Church in Covent Garden in London - otherwise known as the "Actors' Church" - where a large group from the choir that Simon was in, the Wimbledon Choral Society, is in attendance and sings three numbers, two which were commisioned specially for Simon's Requiem for Cancer fundraisers. As the group from SwiftKey is right in front of the choir, we get the full immersive surround-sound experience, which is something special. It's also clear, wandering around Covent Garden for a bit before the service, that things are quieter than usual, thanks to the Coronavirus. One of the street entertainers ends up performing to just a single small boy. Afterwards, we head over for tea at the Oaksmere.

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Flooded fields by the old mill near Claydon

The wrecked remains of the Fison's North Warehouse

Concrete and destroyed Victorian ironwork

All that remains of the Fison's North Warehouse

Blurred lines

The derelict water tower in Manningtree

The station at Manningtree

A side street near Covent Garden tube station

Looking back up James Street

St Paul's Church

Covent Garden 'piazza'

Covent Garden's Apple Market

The limbo dancer has a chat

Inside the old market

Art market

Funky designs on the Jubilee Market Hall

A big clock on Southampton Street

Trade is slow at the VyTa café

Closed down shops, including Patisserie Valerie, on Bedford Street

Inside the Actors' Church of St. Paul's

The congragation builds up

The congregation files out after the service

St. Paul's Church

Outside the church

Some dude rads a book

The path to the church, contra jour

The back of St. Paul's Church, from the Bedford Street entrance

A couple of K6 phoneboxes in Covent Garden

Covent Garden tube station

Inside Covent Garden tube

Down on the platform

A tube train heads off to Cockfosters

At the last second, people appear to board the train

We head over to the Oaksmere for tea

Harry and Fred play Pokémon

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Flooded fields by the old mill near Claydon