The bar of the Tom Cobley, with Roger and Lewis

The bar of the Tom Cobley, with Roger and Lewis

There's a memorial to Daz, the Tom Cobley Cat

The Cobley, by night

Mother's fridge is a little on the empty side

Nosher plays an actual cassette tape on the stereo

The empty kitchen

A whole life in boxes

A view of farm buildings in the valley

A Devon view, on the walk up to the village shop

A couple of cyclists stomp up the hill

The main village street

A view towards Dartmoor

Balloons folornly tied to a pole stay

Another Devon field

Three contrails over Chapel Park

Doug the Dog looks a bit sad in his box

Sis goes through some paperwork

One of Nosher's schoolboy pictures, from 1981

A convertible is a temporary skip at Okehampton

Sunset over the side field

Wispy clouds in the dusk

More paperwork sorting

Red sky at night

Roger at the bar

Matt and Sis in the Cobley

Roger's Grumpy Old Men's Club sign

Glasses hang from the top of the bar

Roger potters about

A yard of ale hangs from the ceiling

The Tom Cobley bogs

Nosher gets to be almost the last one in

The mean streets of Spreyton, by night

There's a frosty start the next day

Mike's old Beemer is back home for a bit

A view over Devon, and possibly Smeatharpe

A derelict café between Newcott and Marsh

The derelict café and tea rooms on the A303

The old café and tea rooms

More rural graffiti

Yellow and pink graffiti

Down on the M3 at Fleet Services

Traffic streams up and down on the M3

The link bridge has had a lime-green paint job

The cold and damp link bridge over the M3

The insanity of modern life

It's all a bit grim over the M3