Nosher and Sis

Nosher and Sis

The back garden

The tent in a garden (which looks like somewhere else)

Nosher and Sis

Nosher plays the piano in the dining room

In the bath, with a bottle of 1970's favourite 'beer shampoo'

In the bathroom

Cleaning out the fireplace in the lounge

Another view of the back garden

Watching something in the lounge

Nosher in the back garden

Sis stands in a flower bed

Vanessa and Sis in the garden

Bob the spaniel sniffs around under the rabbit hutch

Sis and Nosher

Sis and her best friend Vanessa

Sis's birthday, 1977

Another formal photo

Nosher in some classic 70s Dingers at Birtle's Close

Sis and Nosher in the tent

Another formal photo

Sis with Florence the cat

In the garden with Bob the spaniel

Nosher and Sis