Grandad in the lounge at Danesbury

Grandad in the lounge at Danesbury

Judith, G and Neil


The Old Man and Mother

The infamouse 'Dougal Slippers and dungarees' photo

More Dougal slippers

The back garden of Danesbury, with Mother and Grandmother, 1970

Nosher and Sis by the garden fence, 1970

Grandmother catches some rays

Sis, Nosher and an umbrella indoors

Sis roams around

Granny, Mother, Sis and Nosher

Playing Mousetrap with Caroline

Nosher's got some kind of groovy red belt

Granny's got the traditional sherry and smellies for Christmas

Grandmother prepares some Christmas dinner

Christmas lunch

Four generations in one photo

Granny, Mother, Caroline and Sis

Nosher's got some sort of Christmas jumper on

Judith, Grandmother and Neil

It's all going off in the kitchen

Nosher mows the lawn with a Suffolk Punch

Caroline and Nosher with next-door's cat

There's some sort of dancing going on

Grandad does some speech

It's 1970s fondue time

Mother and Grandmother

Nosher's got something on a stick

Dinner time

Nosher eats bread

Nosher and Sis in front of the Christmas tree