To See the Seals, Horsey Gap, Norfolk - 10th January 2020

We go to see the seals by the sea at Horsey. Oh, and get to visit the worn-around-the-edges but utterly beguiling Nelson Head pub, just down the road from Horsey Gap on the remote coast of north-east Norfolk, where the seals like to hang out for winter

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The Nelson Head bar, where we stop off after parking for a swift lemonade

Isobel and Fred in the 'Head

We wander off to the dunes, past a wreck K6 phonebox

There's a nice old VW 'splitty' camper van in the car park

The gang stomps off up the lane

The boys navigate some big puddles

There's some flooding going on in the hinterland

A weather-worn concrete block

Flooded grasses

The gang pause for a bit

Wind-blown tree in the wilderness

Harry sticks his arms out like an aeroplane in the wind

There's a bit of a crowd on the beach

Fred leans in to the strong wind blowing off the dunes

Numbered rocks on the beach

Some seals hang around

A baby seal, which the boys name 'ketchup', has a yawn

Ketchup waves a flipper

One of the seals that didn't make it this year

There's a larger group of seals near the rocks

Isobel and Fred cross the top of the dunes

We're on the Norfolk Coast Path

A corrugated steel hut

Harry and Isobel navigate the path back

Stark barbed wire

A stunted tree, blown over by the wind

Fred gets stuck trying to limbo under a gate

The grasses are blown horizontal by the strong wind

Walking back up the lane to the Head

The Nelson Head

Fred and Harry trade condiment sachets

The gents' bog window in the Nelson Head

Fred tries to keep Harry off his domino tower

An empty table, and an inverted bottle of ketchup. Like the seal, sort of

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The Nelson Head bar, where we stop off after parking for a swift lemonade