High Street legend Thomas Cook goes bust

High Street legend Thomas Cook goes bust

The Hot Sausage Company van is still going

Cornhill by the Corn Exchange has had a make-over

The ornate frontage of Lloyds Bank

On Westgate Street

A lot of identical For Sale signs on Arcade Street

A derelict building on Arcade Street

The Swan gets rebranded for no particular reason

The Swan is re-branded as The Swan and Hedgehog

Looking in the general direction of Willis Coroon

The Giles Family statue on 'Giles Circus'

A warm glow from Buttermarket Lighting

British Home Stores, or BHS, is still empty

The closed-down Mattressman

The 1950s/60s offices next to the Co-op building

Broken windows

The Cooperative building

Funky mural over Cox Lane

The Co-operative building near Cox Lane

Derelict Indian restaurant on Upper Orwell Street

The derelict Ipswich Bagel Bakery is still there

There's a nice bit of 1975 stained glass

The back of the co-op building

The burned-out St. Michael's church

The wrecked clock face on St. Helen's Court tower

The trace of the former 'Odeon' sign has now gone

The tragedy of the derelict St. Helen's Court

St. Helen's Court portcullis main entrance

The old councillors' entrance to St. Helen's

The great hall is clad in scaffolding

Beer can on a windowsill

St Michael's, from Bond Street

The 'spire' of St. Michael's is being held up by scaffolding

Another derelict office block

Le Garagiste Citroën Garage on Bond Street

A derelict house near Rope Walk

The former SCC social club is in a sad state

The front entrance has almost disappeared in foliage

The steps are fairly overgrown

The end of St. Edmund's House and Suffolk College

The derelict SCC social club

A mattress leans folornly up against a fence

The boarded-up club, and St. Edmund's House

Pop art on a door, with some odd grammar

The Grinning Rat, or 'Rinning Grat', has closed

It's a crime that St. Helen's is being left to rot

The old Suffolk Connexions

The seat of East Suffolk County Council, pre 1974

The Suffolk county crest

Another Giles statue near the bogs at Major's Corner

Age UK's massive - and empty - shop

Another closing-down sign

Trashed shop interior

Cox Lane as it comes out on Carr Street

A dilapidated link bridge and empty shops on Cox Lane

Another shop to let

The derelict former Subway

The Great White Horse is boarded up

The Great White Horse Hotel is closed yet again

Back entrance to the Great White Horse Hotel

A fine timbered building on Northgate Street

A painted elephant in the entrance to Ipswich library

The old Ewers Grey-Green Coach station

Inside the old coach station

Seperate doors for reading and lectures

The grand Bethesda Baptist Church

An old Egerton's sign on Crown Street

Autumn colours in Christchurch Park

The war memorial

Some other monument in the park

It's true: Ed Sheeran is everywhere

A 100-year old oak tree, and plaque for a mayor

Stripey lawns at Christchurch Mansion

A deep pile of brown leaves

A blue house, and some very yellow leaves in the sun, on Fonnereau Road

Nicely-distressed railings

The Ferodo bridge on Norwich Road

The arches under Ferodo bridge are all a bit seedy

The other side of Ferodo bridge, on Norwich Road

Back in Eye, Isobel roams around the shop Shelf

Isobel buys a thing from Shelf