Fred counts some loose change

Fred counts some loose change

Fred looks up

Samia Malik begins her workshop

A drum - possibly a Dholak - is demonstrated

Samia demonstrates a droning Tanpura

There's an introduction to the Ghazal scale

Fred's got a bit hairy

More vocal exercises

We're taught one of Samia's songs

The audience gets in to it

An introduction to some rhythms

Harry looks a bit overwhelmed

Fred has a go on a harmonium

The Bank empties out

Harry tries the harmonium as Isobel chats to Samia

The Oaksmere's drive is all autumnal

Peter's on bass-drum duty

Army cadets hang around outside the village hall

More of the band assemble

Fred hangs around

Various forms of Scout assemble outside the hall

Fred warms up

Terry the drum major, and Elizabeth

The band hangs around

Behind us, the rest of the parade forms up

Fred legs it out of the church after the service

The band re-assembles in the graveyard

USAF aircrew form Mildenhall, including babies

Mingling around after the parade returns

There's a good turnout of USAF aircrew