October Misc: GSB at Stowlangtoft and More Rebellions, Norfolk, Suffolk and London - 16th October 2019

There's a Beavers trip for Harry, so we're down to Two-Mile Bottom just outside Thetford for drop-off and pick-up duties, then the Gislingham Silver Band are playing at the very picturesque Stowlangtoft Hall Nursing Home in the depths of West Suffolk - definitely a nice place for those end of days if ever there was one. Finally, despite being banned, Extinction Rebellion is still managing to hold the odd protest on the streets of Picadilly and Whitehall in London

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Harry lumps his stuff into the back of the car

Harry, clutching his bag of stuff, heads off

Harry's delegated bag-hauling duties

His sleep-over finishe,d we pick Harry up from the Bidwell Scout's Centre

Harry heads back to the car

The Thetford power station steams away

Stowlangtoft Hall in Suffolk

Fred peers into the entrance

The band mills around in the fancy Green Room

A band-member looks over

Time for cakes

The band packs up

Fred stumps off back to the car

There's an Extinction Rebellion protest outside the Japanese Embassy on 104 Picadilly

The police march in to contain the protest

The demonstration is surround by rozzers

The riot vans are all parked up by the Wellington Memorial on Hyde Park Corner

There's another protest on the edge of Trafalgar Square

The top of Whitehall is blocked off again

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Harry lumps his stuff into the back of the car