A Hog Roast on the Green, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 23rd June 2019

It's the annual hog roast on Little Green in Thrandeston. Isobel volunteers to drive, so we haul the van over, which gives the boys a base to hang out in whilst adults are doing boring stuff like talking to each other

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Martina and Pip the dog, with Isobel

The first of the vintage tractors trundle onto the green

Reversing a Massey-Ferguson

Alan and Sylvia watch the proceedings

Isobel roams around

A tractor with a load of horns stuck to it rumbles on to the green

A Ferguson Special Edition

More tractor parking

Matthew hauls Jessica around

Harry looks puzzled

There's some kind of tractor conference going on

A queue for hog

The Boy Phil gets the beers in

An old Rover 10

A hoof ornament like Asterix the Gaul

Fred takes Pip for a walk

The Boy Phil

Matthew and Sylvia

The Boy Phil inspects tractors

Pip does a trick for food

Martina and Isobel chat

A girl gets a ride on a Little Grey Fergie

Another Fergie, and another ride

Phil, Wavy and Paul help clear up tables

Wavy rides the trailer of tables

The boys head of to take the tables back to the village hall

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Martina and Pip the dog, with Isobel