Camping at Three Rivers, Geldeston, Norfolk - 1st June 2019

It's another trip out for the van, together with a new inflatable awning, to Three Rivers campsite, in Geldeston on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. It's an unusual site as it's not heavily managed, only has some 20 pitches (with only three toilets, two of which are in shower rooms, to go around), and it also lets campers have real fires. Above all though it's in a lovely position nestled on a tongue-shaped strip of land that runs out between two tributaries of the River Waveney. It makes much use of this by hiring out canoes and kayaks, which enable a leisurely paddle around to the famous Geldeston Locks pub about a mile away.

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Isobel and Allyson return from a stick-foraging mission

Isobel does some barbequeing

The actual view from our pitch

Our camp

Camp-site tea time

Allyson's pitch

Toasting marshmallows

Fred plays guitar

Harry's happy with his humongous marshmallow

Wispy barbeque smoke

Isobel gives Harry a backie on her bike

Lydia waves a fiery stick around in the dark

The watermeadows and cows look like an oil painting

The gang wait with some trepidation before our canoe trip

Nosher, Isobel, Harry and Fred head off first

A couple of swans float about

Allyson, Lydia and Benson's cap

Allyson, Benson and Lydia pass a swan

We disembark at the Geldeston Locks

The famous Locks at Geldeston

A view over the watermeadows beyond the Waveney

Inside Geldeston Lock

Time for a drink in the beer garden

The Locks has been taken over by local brewery Grain

Isobel plays piano

We're off again back to the campsite

A partially-sunken wreck

Lydia and Allyson get stuck in

Back at base

Harry and Benson look for stuff

A fork in the river

Isobel looks fed up with all the whittling

Fred whittles some wood

Isobel does some crocheting

Harry returns from a successful trip to the toilets

At the bar in the Wherry

Lydia and Fred play cards for the umpeenth time

The Wherry Inn, Geldeston

Interesting fish-tail sign at the Wherry Inn

The Geldeston community hall

Another view of the Wherry Inn

Fred reads something

Milling around outside the Wherry

Ready for the off

It's Benson's first time on an actual road

Isobel gets a massive stick for the fire

There's a burst of red cloud as the sun sets

There's a brief pause after we've packed all the tents and awnings away

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Isobel and Allyson return from a stick-foraging mission