Isobel does some barbequeing

Isobel does some barbequeing

The actual view from our pitch

Our camp

Camp-site tea time

Allyson's pitch

Toasting marshmallows

Fred plays guitar

Harry's happy with his humongous marshmallow

Lydia and Fred play cards

Harry returns from a trip to the bogs

Isobel gives Harry a backie on her bike

Lydia waves a fiery stick around in the dark

The watermeadows and cows look like an oil painting

A fork in the river

The gang wait before our canoe trip

Nosher, Isobel, Harry and Fred head off first

Allyson and Benson paddle about

A couple of swans float about

Allyson's canoe hoves into view

Allyson, Lydia and Benson's cap

Allyson, Benson and Lydia pass a swan

A sunken motor cruiser

We disembark at the Geldeston Locks

The famous Locks at Geldeston

On a bridge over the Waveney

A view along the river

Inside the Locks Inn at Geldeston

The Locks' bar and fireplace

Time for a drink in the beer garden

The Locks has been taken over by Grain brewery

Isobel plays piano

We're off again back to the campsite

Lydia and Allyson get stuck in

A dead tree by the river

Back at base

Harry and Benson look for stuff in the boathouse

Allyson hangs a lifejacket up

Milling around outside the Wherry

Ready for the off

It's Benson's first time on an actual road

Isobel and Allyson return from a stick-foraging mission

Isobel looks fed up with all the whittling

Fred whittles some wood

Isobel does some crocheting

Harry returns from a successful trip to the toilets

At the bar in the Wherry

Lydia and Fred play cards for the umpeenth time

The Wherry Inn, Geldeston

The Street in Geldeston

Interesting fish-tail sign at the Wherry Inn

The Geldeston community hall and K6 phonebox

Another view of the Wherry Inn

Fred reads something

Isobel gets a massive stick for the fire

There's a burst of red cloud as the sun sets

There's a pause after we've packed all the tents away