An ancient MRCT trailer in a field

An ancient MRCT trailer in a field

The Fison's North warehouse in Bramford

The listed Fison's warehouse on Papermill Lane

The whole of the Fison's warehouse, and graffiti

Signalling runs over graffiti on a wall

More signal wiring boxes over graffiti

Huge piles of crushed concrete

A derelict building is demolished

A wall is left hanging

Some concrete block structure is partially demolished

Graffiti down by the Regents Canal

The curious 'Lego' room by the tracks

A London scrapyard

Moarain House near Bethnal Green

A T8C! tag

The train snakes into Liverpool Street

The entrance to Liverpool Street is full of trains

Back at Waterloo Station

Graffiti on a wall

The fancy new buildings on York Road are complete

The original 1960s buildings on York Road

The Elizabeth Clock Tower is covered in scaffolding

Ken wanders past a rank of claw machines

John lines up a tricky shot

Sumaiya plays table tennis

Hanging out on the bowling lanes

There's some bowling action

Tehmur pretends he can't bowl

Hak and Dongyi play table tennis

Tehmur takes a shot

David cues up

Dongyi and Abdelhak are a blur

A long exposure in the games room

We try out an escape room

Praveen puzzles it out

We head off into the games area

Praveen and Tehmur 'help' out on a VR thing

Ben ina dodgem

Red lights on the dodgems

Ben and Matt do some shooting

Praveen on a VR motorbike

Praveen does some VR

Tehmur is assisted on a VR game

Dominic on the air hockey table

Painting with the lights of the dodgems

More air hockey

There are big crowds milling around the Eye

The remaining 1960s buildings on York Road

York Road

Cast-iron railway bridge, and 10Foot graffiti

A grim passage to Waterloo station

The back of the York Road buildings

The rare sight of an empty tube station

The infinite tunnels

The steps out of Bank tube station

Looking up Lombard Street to the Lloyds Building

Looking into the sun over Bank Junction

This looks like a scene out of Inception

Tower 42 - formerly known as the NatWest Tower

A building teeters over a footbridge on Wormwood Street

Behind an office block is a Victorian public baths

An indoor arcade called, er, The Arcade

Liverpool Street Station