A Team Outing at Namco Funscape, South Bank, London - 27th March 2019

Nosher's team at work has one of its occasional "away days", and this time it's a return to Namco Funscape, near the London Eye on the South Bank of the Thames in that London. On the way down, as it's not a working commute, there's more of a chance to catch up with trackside dereliction - such as the 1860s Fison's North Warehouse, currently the subject of attempts to get it restored or at least preserved - and graffiti. Then, on the way back, instead of getting the tube all the way back from Waterloo to Liverpool Street, there's an exit at Bank and a chance to wander more slowly along the roads, which reveals interesting details normally missed when cycling frantically to the station

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The listed Fison's warehouse on Papermill Lane, Bramford

The whole extent of the Fison's warehouse, and some graffiti

The signalling installers couldn't be arsed to paint over the graffiti first

Another derelict building, just before Bethnal Green Station, is demolished

A wall is left hanging

Some concrete block structure is partially demolished

Graffiti down by the Regents Canal

The underground entrance to Liverpool Street is full of trains

Back at Waterloo Station

The fancy new buildings on York Road are now complete

The London Eye

The Elizabeth Clock Tower is still covered in scaffolding

Ken wanders past a rank of claw machines

John lines up a tricky shot

There's some bowling action

Tehmur pretends he can't bowl

Table-tennis action

The pool room

Dongyi and Abdelhak are a blur

We try out an escape room

Praveen and Tehmur 'help' out on a VR thing

Ben and Matt do some shooting

Deepak on the dodgems

Praveen does some VR

Air hockey

Tehmur is assisted on a VR game

Painting with the lights of the dodgems

More air hockey

There are big crowds milling around the Eye

Looking down to the remaining 1960s buildings on York Road

York Road

Cast-iron railway bridge, and graffiti from 10Foot, who also appears in Bethnal Green

A grim passage to Waterloo station

The back of the York Road buildings

The rare sight of an empty tube station

The infinite tunnels

The steps out of Bank tube station

Looking up Lombard Street to the Lloyds Building

The Bank of England on Threadneedle Street

Looking into the sun towards the Wellington Memorial on Bank Junction

This view is reminiscent of a scene out of Inception

Tower 42 - formerly known as the NatWest Tower - as seen on Old Broad Street

A curious building teeters over a footbridge over Wormwood Street

Hidden behind an office block is a cool Victorian public baths

An indoor arcade called, er, The Arcade

Liverpool Street Station

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The listed Fison's warehouse on Papermill Lane, Bramford