Harry's Investiture and Lachie Leaves, Suffolk and London - 17th October 2018

Harry gets invested into Beavers - a.k.a mini Scouts - down at Eye Church. Before that, it's Lachie's last day at Microsoft, so we head off to the nearby Huckster diner on Kingdom Street in Paddington for a farewell send-off. Plus, there's some other October randomnness, including the warmest October day since records began or something

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It's mid-October, but the pit in Sheldon Square is warm enough to sit out

It's time for lunch at the top-value Peking Seoul on Praed Street in Paddington

Down in Diss, 'Apple' Trevor is out doing his market stall

It's so unseasonably warm, it's proper ice-cream weather

Millie and Boris hang around. They're good at that

Harry pokes the cats

Harry with his shades on, in his cushion den

Lachie's in the entrance to the office with his sprog

Heading off to Huckster

Praveen, Bea and James at the bar

Bea feeds some pitta bread to Lachie's cute baby

Ken, Mouna, Praveen and Bea

Lachie bounces his baby around

Greater Anglia has some quality repairs going on with an errant door

Harry with his fellow investees

The Beavers all do the salute

Harry gets his Woggle on

Milling around outside the church

Andy P corrals the children as they head off to the chippy

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It's mid-October, but the pit in Sheldon Square is warm enough to sit out