Evidence of Autumn: Geocaching on Knettishall Heath, Suffolk - 7th October 2018

We decide to take the bikes over to Knettishall Heath for a bike ride, except that it turns out there aren't actually any cycle paths in the area. So after a bit of pootling around, we abandon the bikes and head off for a walk in the woods and heath instead. This turns into a spot of Geocaching, thanks to a phone app that Isobel has, and Fred's recent geocaching trip to the same area a few months before.

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At home, Harry models his wixard costume, complete with chopstick wand

The gang head off down a non-cycle-path

It gets a bit much for the boys, on the lumpy grass

The boys poke around by the river

Harry in the woods

Time for a visit to the ice cream van

Fred's got a whippy, flake and strawberry sauce

The weir and pond at Knettishall

Isobel with an ice cream

A black labrador waits desperately for a stick

The boys eat their ice creams

A concrete tube looks like a rural version of the gun barrel from 007 films

The characteristic pines of the Brecks

Harry roams around

Interesting encrusting on the Knettishall public urinals

A forest road

Harry clambers over a gate

Autumn bracken

A grazing pony

The gang roam around a patch of newly-cleared land

Another pony

Interesting mushrooms

Isobel and Fred, who's drawing a trail with a stick

Isobel and Fred in the autumn sun

Harry meets a massive Great Dane

Isobel, Harry and Fred

Fred's got a stick

...and now both the boys have sticks

Skeleton branches

Fred reads the map

Fred opens the old ammo box

The boys inspect the contents

Harry puts the box back where we found it

The boys think they've found another geocache, but it's just a pony salt lick or something

Isobel and Harry run around on the heath

More interesting mushrooms

Grazing ponies

Harry walks the logs on the playground

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At home, Harry models his wixard costume, complete with chopstick wand