A Miscellany, Norwich , Norfolk - 30th September 2018

Isobel's away, so Nosher and The Boys head up to Norwich for something to do for a few hours.

next album: Big Steve's Music Night, Brome Village Hall, Suffolk - 6th October 2018
previous album: Gislingham Silver Band and the Duck Race, The Pennings, Eye, Suffolk - 29th September 2018

Graffiti on Upper Goat Lane

More simple tagging graffiti

Harry walks past a shop called Flint with, er, flint graffiti on it

Fred's in heaven as we eat pizza at Pizza Express in the Forum

There's a whole load of demolition and building occuring on Gentleman's Walk

Deconstructing a building

Harry stands on a sculpture in the Haymarket

The statue dude who looks like Francis Drake is still having problems with pigeons

Harry on the 'eye'

Bins and graffiti on Weaver's Lane

The boys watch some dude do pointilist pavement art

Harry points to the pavement picture

Colourful 80s-style graffiti wheelie bins

Some of this year's grape harvest

Nosher has a go at making some wine from the grapes out of the garden

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Graffiti on Upper Goat Lane