Gislingham Silver Band and the Duck Race, The Pennings, Eye, Suffolk - 29th September 2018

Fred and Nosher decided to join the Gislingham Silver (Training) Band - the oldest Silver Band in Suffolk, apparently - just before the start of the summer holidays. A few practices later, and it's our first gig, at the Scout's "Duck Race", down at the Pennings in Eye. As well as appearances from both the training and senior band, there's the annual rubber duck race, along the slowly-ambling River Dove.

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Fred has a go at the Nerf-gun-based Tin Can Alley

The Scouts' tent

Fred wins big on the sweet tombola

The mayor roams around

This bulldog has a serious drool problem

Fred does a bit of archery

Harry flings a few arrows too

Fred checks his flute out

The training band swaps over with the senior band

Fred sets his music up

The proper band mill around

Helen gets some ice cream

Ducks are coralled at the start line

The mayor counts down

The ducks are released

The ducks are assisted up the river

Meanwhile, Maurice Hammond's Harvard flies around overhead

Fred does a spot of football

The ducks are collected up at the end of the 'race'

A paddling pool is tipped out

Duck-race prizes are announced

There's some confusion over a name

Adrian - the band leader - gets a giant teddy bear

The giant teddy bear does some conducting

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Fred has a go at the Nerf-gun-based Tin Can Alley