Isobel and the Invidia Voices, Norwich Railway Station, Norfolk- 28th September 2018

Isobel's choir - the Invidia Voices - are doing a performance at Norwich Railway Station as part of the BBC's Music Day, with the performance even featuring on that evening's BBC Look East regional news programme. And so we head up to the station by train, and follow the singing with a trip up Prince of Wales Road for a curry in the strangely-deserted Prince of Wales Indian restaurant. That's after trying out the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet on Riverside, which sadly has a 20-minute wait for a table

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There's a pair of ancient Class 86's, along with a Class 66 'shed', down at Ipswich

Fred, Harry and Grandad hang around on the old sofa

Nosher roams around the fire pit

Some major signal failure causes a train to dump all its passengers at Diss

Gaz, Marticle and Suey down at the Brockdish Kings Head

The Boy Phil and Paul

There's a loose Class 90 loco lurking at Diss Station when we arrive

Fred clings on to a lamp post

Down at Norwich Station, the choir assembles

Harry and Fred are somewhat non-plussed

Norwich Station's 1859 Victorian architecture

The BBC film crew does its thing

The crowds film on their phones

The conductor, er, conducts

There's a bit of a piece to camera

The prehistoric Class 37 Lowestoft train

Outside Norwich Station

Norwich Station's brickwork and dome

Harry looks at cakes in the all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet on Riverside

The River Wensum, at the top of Prince of Wales Road

The strange floating head in the Prince of Wales restaurant

The gang on the train

An infinite sequence of doors along the train

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There's a pair of ancient Class 86's, along with a Class 66 'shed', down at Ipswich